Premium Fish of Oita: The Delicious World of Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel

Blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, it’s no wonder that the Oita Prefecture is a treasure trove of delicious ingredients. Most notable among these are Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel. Caught in the Bungo Channel, this luxury brand fish from Beppu is renowned for its exquisite quality and flavour.

About Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel

Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel are native to the Bungo Channel between the Oita and Ehime Prefectures, caught by the Saganoseki branch of the Oita Prefectural Fishery Cooperative.

Both types of high-brand fish are characterised by a firm texture and succulence that is second to none. Boasting nationwide popularity since 1990, its appeal is largely due to its rich flavour and juicy, healthy fat. For 30 years, it has been widely regarded as one of Japan’s most high-quality luxury brand fish.

The Secret to Its Deliciousness

The Bungo Channel is known for its powerful current and high plankton population – two influential factors in breeding healthy, fatty fish. Furthermore, the water temperatures of summer and winter vary so little that the region is blessed with both types of mackerel all year round.

The hard work of local fishery cooperatives also cannot be overlooked. After both types of fish are caught, they are transported alive to local ports and fisheries. This careful treatment ensures that Seki Mackerel and Horse Mackerel reach their intended destination with a high level of freshness.

How and Where to Eat Oita’s Prized Fish

Although this luxury fish is sold across Japan, the best place to try Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel is, undoubtedly, in the Oita Prefecture. Perfectly succulent, they offer a juicy tenderness that will never be forgotten. Many regard Oita’s prized fish as some of the best-quality fish of all time to have as sashimi, making it a must-try delicacy for all who enjoy sashimi.

It is customary to eat Seki Horse Mackerel with kabosu, a juicy citrus fruit with a unique fragrance. By mingling these two distinct flavours, sharp and fresh, their exquisite and rich tastes are further enhanced.

Best Restaurants to Try Beppu’s Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel

It takes only one hour by car from the local fishing port, where the Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel are sourced, to the coastal city of Beppu. This makes Beppu the prime location for indulging in the freshest catches of this high-grade fish.

A wide variety of restaurants offering Oita’s prized fish can be found across Beppu. The following are our top 3 choices:

Ikesu kappo-Heike

Enjoy delicious seafood served in a calm, laid-back atmosphere.

Address: Ishigakihigashi 7-2-14, Beppu City

Website Here

Seafood Izutsu

A popular restaurant with locals. Seafood bowls and set meals are highly recommended.

Address: Kusunokimachi 5-5, Beppu City

Website Here

Tatsunoya Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

A well-established Kappo restaurant with a relaxed, elegant atmosphere.

Address: Ekimaecho 2-4, Beppu City

Website Here

When it comes to gourmet food in Beppu, Seki Mackerel and Seki Horse Mackerel are a must-try delicacy. Just one bite will leave you longing to return!

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